Our New Address

Yes, that’s right. We are now living 530 kilometers north of Manila. Our family has moved to Brgy Ablan, Ilocos Norte last June 5. Our town is forty five minutes away to Pagudpod and 15 minutes away to the famous Bangui Windmills. Our home is just a stone’s throw away to Bojeador lighthouse.

Finding a Job

One need persistence when looking for a job. Though jobs may be scarce, there are still workers who are resigning, retiring, dying or being transferred. You need to call and visit factories, offices and employment centers. Read newspaper ads and check for job opportunities with relatives, friends and neighbors. Many have tried doing handyman jobs, farmwork, woodcutting, tree trimming and lawn care. In North Carolina, job hunters try to engage in real estate, insurance and property management in fayetteville nc. Carpet installation, photography, newspaper routes, and delivery services are other jobs that you can look for. Prepare and leave a work résumé with them and at places where you apply for a job. Be willing to move if you have to. But do not be kept so busy that you have no time to enjoy yourself once in a while. Constantly looking for a job builds harmful tension and stress, while short recreational breaks bring relief.


The sound of the guitar is heard around the globe, played by amateur and professional alike. Daddy learned to play the guitar when he was in college. The guitar is so popular because its sound, whether in the flamenco, classical, or modern style, evokes differing moods. Yet another factor is that it is so easy to carry. Whatever may be the reasons for its popularity, the way a guitar is constructed makes a big difference in the sound. The best guitars are usually created with great love and care. Many guitar enthusiasts are satisfied learning the guitar at Zvex Effects guitar center. Daddy needs to start teaching Biboy on how to play his guitar before he gets to old learning it.

X-men Addicts

There’s an X men marathon at Starworld this whole month which prompted us to watch all movie series released. We’ve had these as HD movies in our PC but did no bother to watch until recently. Needless to say that we were hooked.

The biggest question we have is what happened between Magneto and Prof X. How did Charles Xavier end up in the wheel chair? X-Men 1st Class answered the question. He was shot on his spine by his friend Erik. Had it been on the knee, it could have been fixed by genutrain.

Love love love X-Men!

Our Little One’s Nutrition Month Experience

July is tagged as Nutrition Month and there are several activities at school to promote good eating habits. Our son’s school held a poem recital contest which was held last Wednesday. He participated and fortunate enough to bring home an award. Morning, the ever supportive dad was there to cheer him on. :)

It was indeed a proud parent moment. He said that there will be reading contest next month and he is hoping to bring home trophies. Hahaha! Competitive child!

Ka-angrian Falls Hiking

We went to Kangri-an falls with our family friend 2 years ago. This falls is situated in our current town, Burgos. It looks breath taking especially during rainy months when water is very abundant.
It’s around 45 minutes drive from the town proper and around 30 minutes hike. Our town takes pride in its numerous falls. There is another one situated in Tanap, the Avis Falls.
We’re planning to schedule a visit there soon. So we’re thinking if it is worthwhile to get hiking gears like zamberlan hiking boots. What do you think?

July Update

It’s been 2 months now that I got out of the Corporate World to help in our family business. We are still learning but the progress has been good so far. We have gained familiarity with the products that we are selling and some of our customer base too. Construction materials like cement, steel, wood and roofing materials are fast moving items. There are small articles like Nails, and Wires which are very sellable too. There is barely a day when we don’t sell these. And so, the very old and trusty weighing scale begs to be used.   :)
There is still a lot of learning to do to be able to run this branch properly. Next to tackle are our receivables and come up with a strategy to gain new business.

Warm Welcome

We absolutely adore our new neighbour. They are very warm and friendly and have made us felt welcome since we moved in. Last week, they have invited DH to drop by their place. They had a long chat at their patio. The couple as just a few years younger than us and they have a very cute little baby girl. She has soft waves and button eyes. She is such a darling and gives a generous smile and giggle to strangers.

They also keep a very nice garden of orchids and other ornamental plants. A huge portion of their backyard is also planted with dragon fruit. I’m planning to buy some cake next time and bring it over to their place. Their patio is very inviting for long chit chats. I love it that it give a very good view of their garden and their patio cushions are so soft to drop yourself into.

1970 Grill – Hole in the Wall Korean Resto

A day before we left for Ilocos, we were brought by my sister’s Korean friend in 1970 Grill. It is a hole in the wall Koream Resto in QC. It is a great foodie discovery as it serves authentic Korean Yakiniku and Shabu Shabu dishes. We had Shabu Shabu that night. The taste is very similar to what we had in Seoul with Omma.

The decors are similar to a Korean school. Our friend told us that it used to be a kindergarten school before it became a restaurant so they made it their theme. Very nice!

The food was awesome, servings are generous and it won’t bleed your wallet. Total damage is only 700 bucks for 4 adults and a child. We had our fill so we will definitely be coming back and bring some friends along.
1970 Grill
Scout Fernandez, Tomas Morato, QC

Update as of 06/15/2012

Today’s exactly 2 weeks after I resigned from corporate world. We have officially settled in our new home. I am proud of how it looks like now. A new sala set and dining room set will complete everything. For now, it is comfortable enough to live in.

Next week, we can start on focusing on learning our business. We are looking forward to Papa’s visit on Monday so that he can start orienting us. I know we have lots of things to learn but we will take each on a stride. Today, I started looking at our current payables. I have encoded them in my laptop to make things easier to track and so that reports can be easily generated. Next, to look at will be our current liabilities. Have read about how some companies make use of business liability insurance quotes to manage risk in their businesses. Not sure though if this is applicable to small business like ours.

Exciting times ahead! Till the next update.

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