X-men Addicts

There’s an X men marathon at Starworld this whole month which prompted us to watch all movie series released. We’ve had these as HD movies in our PC but did no bother to watch until recently. Needless to say that we were hooked.

The biggest question we have is what happened between Magneto and Prof X. How did Charles Xavier end up in the wheel chair? X-Men 1st Class answered the question. He was shot on his spine by his friend Erik. Had it been on the knee, it could have been fixed by genutrain.

Love love love X-Men!

New TV

Last year, daddy was thinking of purchasing a digital tuner for our TV. A digital tuner is an audio/video receiver that allows your TV to receive and display digital television signals. However our six year old CRT TV set is dying. Morning and I are planning to buy a new LCD TV soon. We are still looking for the best brand available in the market today.  Sony, Samsung, LG and Panasonic are on top of our list.

Bad Romance

Bad Romance by Lady Gaga is one of Biboy’s fave pop songs today. He also loves to sing Justin Bieber’s Baby. We heard that Lady Gaga is having her US concert tour this month. So if you want to purchase lady gaga concert tickets, now is the best time to buy before its completely sold out.  The concert is part of their Monster Ball Tour which Gaga said as “the first-ever ‘pop electro opera’”.   Thousands of tickets have been sold already and you really don’t want to miss this one.


M0rn1ng loves gadgets & music. I’ve given him an ipod as a gift for our anniversary last year. It’s kinda worn out now because of frequent use. I’m thinking of getting a new one for him next year.

I’ve seen some good deals for ipods over ay BUY.COM. I’m thinking of buying it online and have it delivered at my sister in law’s place. If she will ship items here then we will be able to get it. I’m pretty sure that dear husband will be very happy.

And oh, our little one loves the ipod too. He listens to sound of music and disney songs.

Global Pinoys

Have you seen the Metro June Issue? The cover page feature is Leah Salonga and the main theme is about Global Pinoy. So is it any wonder that Leah is the cover page? Included on the list are Manny Pacquiao and some businessmen and women like the owner of Zen Zest.

I also chanced upon Toni Leviste. Her accomplishments as an equestrian are really something Filipinos can be proud of. She also looks good in that issue, her equestrian breeches suits her well, just like her friend Mikee Cojuangco.

Last Month’s Earnings

I was looking at my Paypal earnings for last month and I felt sad by what I saw: earnings dropping so low. I didn’t have much time to blog so what do you expect. I’ve been so busy in the office not to mention how stressed I am each day. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I’m doing now and I have never felt this challenged in years. So I just hang on and fight. This too shall pass.

I’ll just blog in the weekends and if I have time before leaving to work. Besides we’re not in a hurry to earn this money though we could use it to buy XBox.

Eheads – The Final Set

We were there to witness the concert at MOA grounds. This is practically the music that I grew up with and I can still recall my happy HS and College days with it. Wala lang masaya lang talaga tong band na to and I was really disappointed when they disbanded. Pero at least nag reunion so this is the chance to see them back together again.

We enjoyed the whole show because the performance was really great and you can see them really enjoy what their doing. It’s like travelling back in time. Ansaya!

We only got SILVER tickets and we came around 15 minutes before the show started so mejo masikip na talaga and andaming tao. We hardly got decent shots.


 Pero got some video clips in our cam. Ok na rin yun. :) At least we were there to witness a once in a lifetime event.


All smiles after the show. :) Sorry Buddy!

Who’s Watching What?

There is another soap that we find interesting to watch. That is “Tayong Dalawa” by ABS CBN. The story is faced-paced and the cast is superb. They can act really well. Even Agot Isidro’s performance as a nemesis is excellent. I was surprise that she can act the role out as I always see her as someone who is sweet and can only fill the lead and support roles. Gina Pareno provides the much needed comedy relief making the whole show lighter than the usual heavy drama soaps.

The storyline is about 2 men who has the same name and has become best buds. They didn’t know that their names were not brought by coincidence rather it’s because they have the same dad who shares the same name. The other guy was a love child who grew up in poverty and did not know who his father was. On the last episodes, his mom got to trace his dad and informed them of their child. He did not want to accept responsibility and decided to perform a paternity test. His mom in law got to know of the situation and decided to frame up the “other woman”. This is the reason why she ended in prison.

I wonder how the story will develop. I hope it won’t get boring like those of the other soaps. This and American Idol is what we are watching at the moment. :)

It’s AI Once Again

Our favorite show is running again.  We finished watching the auditions.  It must have been hard for all the judges to sit there all day and listen to the people who wanted to get a chance on that Holywood dream.  I understand why Simon have to be pretty sarcastic to some of them because some can be really out of control.  I saw his kind heart when he phoned one of the contestant’s boss to give her job back because she wasn’t cut for AI.

Some of the contestants will do their pleaing non stop that you  won’t have time for anything else.  That could be quite annoying.  From the looks of it some of them can be pretty physical too.  Imagine if all the judges are sweet like Paula then they should have ready self defense products on hand to control some of those contestants who are freaks and wackos.

Anyway, I’m looking forward as it is Holywood Week.  Who got what it takes?    :)


Everybody is waiting for Manny Pacquiao’s match with Oscar dela Hoya. I bet most of the Filipino wealthy supporters of Manny will be flying off to US and will be staying at las vegas suites just to watch the live match.

Most people think that this is a mismatch and Manny is just doing this because of money. Do you agree? I don’t have much to say as I was never a boxing fan.

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