Pain Detection Tool

For many years, a real dilemma for legal and medical experts has been determining the veracity of personal-injury claims. Is the victim really in great pain, or is he feigning it so as to get a large monetary settlement?

A new method of pain detection—thermography—may be the answer. “The technique uses infrared sensors to make a multi-colored picture of temperature variations on the skin,” says a report in The Globe and Mail of Canada. Pain in soft tissue, which cannot be detected by X ray, will show up in the infrared picture because of temperature differences due to muscle spasms or constriction of blood vessels. Courts in several states in the US have accepted thermograms as evidence.

Do They Really Work

I saw a mail on my inbox just a couple of months ago regarding male enhancement pills. It has been common to see a lot of emails offering this and I wonder if it is really effective.

Being the curious one that I am, I read some testimonials. According to users, it really works. The secret is in the enhancement pill ingredients.

There is nothing that advanced medical science cannot fix nowadays.

Meteor Rain

Have you seen any shooting stars last night? Morn1ng saw 8 and he was super happy. My sister saw 5. I on the other hand did not see anything. B.boy was super sleepy and doesn’t want to stay at the veranda. The news said they estimate that there will be 100 shooting stars per hour between 10pm to 2 am.

There will be another one on January 3, 2008. It is called Quadrantids while last night was Geminids. I hope I would be able to see a real live shooting star by then.