Family Worship Evening

Biboy reads the Bible and the brochure “Listen to God” during our Family Worship Evening.

District Convention

We will be having our annual district convention starting tomorrow until Sunday. It will be a three-day spiritual feast with the theme: “Let Your Kingdom Come.” Daddy already made our badges as delegates to the assembly and our Bible students will be going with us too. We are excited to hear Bible talks and of course watch the drama on Sunday. New literature releases will also be made during the convention. Daddy was assigned to oversee the News Service Department and other departments will have their own custom name plates so that attendees will be able to see them clearly.  We will also get to see daddy’s demonstration on Saturday morning.

Memorial in Cabanatuan

We will not be attending the Memorial of Christ’s death on our congregation in Makati this Sunday. Ronald was invited to deliver the Memorial talk in Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija. Biboy and I are excited while daddy is nervous preparing the talk. We already booked a hotel in Cabanatuan since we have to stay overnight. The hotel costs only $40 a night and boasts of chiropractic beds, modern furniture, cozy lobby, swimming pool and wireless internet access.   We’ll head home on Monday morning.

Service Meeting Part

This was Biboy’s first part as a householder on the service meeting in our Kingdom Hall.  Congratulations baby.

Special Meeting

We will be having a special meeting on March 26, Saturday at the Araneta Coliseum. Around 16,000 Jehovah’s Witnesses around Metro Manila will attend this special event. It will be a time for spiritual occasion for our beloved brothers and sisters and a privilege to hear the talk by the zone overseer, Bro. Sinclair. Since our designated seats are located at the Upper Box level, we are thinking of buying binoculars so that we can see clearly the speakers on the stage. One websites sells sunglasses, binoculars, rifle scopes, range finders and radar guns in their e-store. We are so excited for this very special gathering.

Biboy’s Visit to Bethel

We went to The Watchtower Philippine Branch in Quezon City yesterday to have a tour. It was Biboy’s first visit to Bethel and he was so excited. Now he knows what Bethel means.

SG Day 4: Johore Bahru

This was taken on day 4 on our way to Malaysia so we can attend our Sunday meeting with our spiritual brothers and sisters in Johore Bahru. It was quite an experience for us meeting our Christian friends in that country. Biboy is pretending to give a talk in the platform. The brothers were so warm and accommodating too.

New Kingdom Hall

After a very long time, a new Kingdom Hall will be constructed in our hometown in Pinili, Ilocos Norte.  Most of the work will be done by the Witnesses in our congregation themselves.  Majority in the congregation share in it, including women and sometimes even children. Through this, construction costs are greatly reduced, making possible a place of worship that otherwise could not be afforded. Some volunteers from the Bethel Kingdom Hall construction group who are experts in erecting steel buildings like Kingdom Halls are overseeing the work being done. Construction started two weeks ago and will be completely finished in less than three months.

Party & Drama with the Kids

We are planning to have a picnic party with the children of our congregation on November 7, Saturday at 2 in the afternoon. We are still looking for a venue so that we can accommodate around 40 people. There will be games, balloons, food, fun and Bible drama about the Israelites’ exodus from Egypt. We have little Moses, little Aaron, little Pharaoh himself and other characters. My little boy, Andre, will be one of the Israelites who will cross the Red Sea. They had the rehearsal last Sunday and it was so fun seeing our little kids act. They will also sing “A Victory Song” after the drama. We’ll just post some pictures and videos after the affair so you guys can see it.

First Time Wearing Barong

Finally! He can now handle to wear these kind of clothes. And I can say that he looks good on it. (love your own. walang kokontra! hahaha)


Another one but sporting a wacky post. :)


This time with his good friend Russel.   How fast time flies.  Our babies are now all grown up. 


Now with the proud parents naman.


He was well behaved the whole time during the Memorial. He did not ask us to remove the barong nor threw any tantrums. He even helped in cleaning up by putting the chairs back in it’s place after the program. We had a great Memorial Celebration and there are 187 people who attended.

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