On Cloud 9 – Episode 2

***Episode 2: Manila Diamond Hotel

At around 8:30 we left home. I didn’t know where we will be going as Dady was determined to keep it a surprise. When we began heading Buendia, I just know that we are going somewhere Roxas Boulevard area. I was really giddy with excitement, as I don’t have a clue on where he will take me. When we finally got there, I had to smile from ear to ear for the place was really romantic. I loved the view of the cascading water on the man made falls. The food was sumptuous and the background music completed the wonderful ambience. However, I wasn’t able to eat well because of migraine. Yes, my head was throbbing with excruciating pain. I tried my best not to let Dady know, as this will spoil our date.

After eating, I gave him my gift.His face shone with surprise. A week before I gave his sister (hi Padme) the box of the watch I will give him. Yes, just the box and nothing inside but a simple Anniversary greeting. I asked her to put it in his kuya’s pillow so that he will be able to see it when he wakes up Saturday afternoon. Thanks to her, the plan was executed successfully. That is the reason why he is so keen on opening the gift. Along with the watch, I also put in the scrapbook that I was working on for the past year and the greeting card. I prayed that he would like the gift but the expression on his face tells it all. To see those tears of joy roll down his cheeks was truly an amazing feeling. I felt that he truly values the gift and I felt well appreciated.

He wanted to have some coffee after but I really don’t feel well. Besides the splitting headache, I wanted to throw up. I was forced to tell him to set it to another day and we headed home. At the car, I didn’t have the strength to restrain myself. It was a good thing that he has a throw up bag with him. Yes…. I puked. :( I cried afterwards because after all he did for our date, this is what he got. Dady, assured me that it was okay and he told me that I should have told him earlier that I was sick.To be continued on Episode 3: At Home

On Cloud 9 – Episode 1

*** Episode One : Trial MU with Kuks Reyes
This is part of the little surprises i had for Dady on our anniversary. I called Kuks last week and scheduled a trial HMU with him. He agreed to come to our little place at around 6 pm. He asked me to browse some magazines and show him those looks that i want. I was a little disappointed because he was 30 minutes late but it was understandable as he lost his way. He called me up at around 6:30 and told me that he couldn’t find our house so I picked him up. It was a good thing that he was just 2 blocks away. hehehe….So near yet so far.

Now it’s time for business. I showed him 4 pictures from magazines, all of which are looks that I want for my wedding day. He commented on each one and finally we were able to agree that he will do something similar to what Patrick Rosas did to the model on the mag. He started to work while he does chika-chika on the side. I told him that we have to finish around 8 as Dady will pick me up for our date. Kuks was almost done with my hair when Dady stepped in. He was really surprised to see her date all dolled up. Hahahaha. I thought he almost passed out.

Here’s my pictures. Feel free to post comments. It would definitely help us decide on who to get as our MUA.
I’ll post Episode 2 tomorrow.


Tomorrow will be our 2nd year Anniversary and I thank God first for bringing us together and for keeping our relationship intact. There has been a lot of challenges and problems, some I thought impossible to overcome but I have been blessed with a partner who doesn’t know how to give up…someone who is brave enough to conquer any storm, someone who believes that our love would last forever. No hurdles became that big because there is love and forgiveness. Tears will be wiped away by understanding, arguments will be settled by lowliness of mind. In the end of it all we are still together, our relationship emerging strong through the test of time.

There has always been this comfort that I always feel when I am with him. I’m not afraid to show him who I really am without the fear that he might reject me once he sees my bad side. There was always acceptance in him. He accepted the whole of me without any reservations. He never tried to change me to suit his needs but we have learned to live with our quirks and twists. As a result we grew together, two different individuals yet in tune with each other.

As a final note, i want to share the first poem that he has given me. This was sent through email last Sept 17, 2002. He gave this when he was still courting me and I had to be pretty honest to say that it hasn’t failed to captivate my heart.


Never thought I could meet someone
I feel so much in tune with
Almost giving up on myself
In search for one true love

In time love found its way
To someone so wonderful and real
Knowing you is just the beginning
Having you would make a dream come true

Can’t wait for the time you’d fall for me
And telling me you need me too
I believe true love waits
Forever is but second if I could be with you

Everyday I wanted you to know
You’ve touched my heart, my soul
I’m so grateful to have someone like you
So warm, … so beautiful, …so nice!

Calla Lilies Theme

Finally, I was able to find a good theme to go with the colors white and green. Browsing the net gave me the idea to do Calla Lilies themed wedding. After getting a lot of ideas, I feel so giddy with excitement and I wanted to put it on our blog right away.

The Cake : For the Cake, maybe we could ask our baker to make something like these :

The Invites : Below are some samples of invites that caught my eye.

Souvenir : This one looks good but I’m still looking for something better. Does anyone of you got any ideas?

Champagne Glasses : A little decor goes a long long way.

Head Table :

My Gown : Let’s go with that ultra chic and romantic lace.

Hair Piece : I don’t know if this is better than fresh flowers. hmmmm.

BM’s dress : Oh wow!!!!

I am also thinking of putting calla floaters and luminaries on the pool. It will really make the place romantic. As for the centerpieces, we can have cylinder vases and put ferns and pieces of big white calla lilies. All round it are green tea light candles.

So there! Plan B is now more concrete. We shall wait for November to make the final decision. It’s now a toss up between Plan A : Beach Wedding Theme and Plan B: Calla Lilies Theme.

Going Through Our Old Pictures

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I was rummaging through our old pictures today and I was able to see this photo of us taken during our jungle tour at Subic. I think that the photo is both funny and captivating. Dady looks like Peter Pan. Those leaves which clings to our clothes are good camouflage. I should have put more on my shirt. =) Dady is such a sport to let me put those leaves on his shirt and head. (hehehe)We really had fun that summer gig. I couldn’t forget how he woke me up Sunday morning. He brought some coffee and the huge smile on his face which greeted me the moment I opened my eyes was such a sweet sight. =)After finishing the coffee, we held hands and prayed. It was a truly magnificent way to start a day. I know that after we get married, we will have infinite moments like that and each of them will be special…all will be stored as happy memories in my heart.

Fickle Minded ME

382 days more to go before our BIG day. Yes you’ve read it right. We really have a long way to go. To some it may appear to be a blessing but to an impatient person that I am, I would like to pass forward the days to make it closer to 10.24.05. A lot of people complimented us on preparing and planning early but there is also a down side to it. Yes…i can be fickle minded about our wedding preps. See below if you want to know what i mean…..

So there was Plan A :
Theme : Beach Theme
Centerpieces : Lamps made with handmade paper with seashells
Gown : Something like the haltered chiffon gown with front shape and low back detail by Randy Ortiz that i saw on the Bride and Home Magazine
BMs Dresses : Something like the one i saw on www.knot.com. Strapless, natural waist gown in silk chiffon and silk charmeuse with sash which ties at the back.
Bouquet : Flame Calla Lilies

Invites : Message in a bottle
** I’ve posted all the pictures here in my blog
So why am thinking of an alternative????? For the following reasons :
(1) Event Stylist
To execute the centerpieces and backdrop that I want, I would need an event stylist. I’m afraid that Balay Kandila will be too costly for us. We are scheduled to do an occular on the venue with them on November. By then we will know their cost and will decide if Plan A will push through.
(2) Gown
I saw this other lace gown which i think look classic. However, i don’t think it will go well with Beach theme. The haltered gown is more apt to the beach theme but it will only look good with a low back detail. M0rN1nG on the other hand doesn’t like the idea of me wearing a low back dress. :c

Then came Plan B….
Theme : No specific theme
Centerpieces : DIY. I’m planning to buy glass cylinders and put local white calla lilies.
Gown : The lace gown that I saw from Philippine Star
BMs Dresses : Ivory silk satin organza strapless top w/ hand rolled silk satin organza flower and a papaya silk satin organza a-line skirt.

Bouquet : I have no idea for my bouquet. My BMs will still wear wristers of roses in white.
Invites : No idea

Now which do you think is better? Plan A or B? I can’t seem to make up my mind. I must agree, I am one fickle minded bride. (Well at least i’m just being fickle minded about the preps but definitely not about the groom….hehehe)

Instead of BM’s Bouquet

I’m thinking of my BMs wearing this instead of the usual bouquet. It looks small and simple. If I go for the coral and peach dress with a flower accent, I might go with this idea. =) So what do you think?

Adorable Wrister from the net

Another Dream Gown

I saw this at the Philippine Star. It also looks simply elegant. So what do you think? Which is prettier, the chiffon haltered gown previously posted or this lace V-neck gown? I neeed help!!!! hehehe =)

Another terrific gown! Scanned by Debbie :)

Feeling Better Now

Thank goodness that I am feeling better now. I wasn’t able to work yesterday because of sore throat and headache. Bad!!!! I think I felt better because dady was taking good care of me. He went to our house after his work to cook breakfast. He whipped a good omelette, fried cheesedog and fried rice. It was so yummy. My sisters think that dady is the sweetest man any girl could have. =) After eating, he offered to give me a back massage. It was so soothing that I feel asleep afterwards.

So I just took a good break yesterday, drank my medicines and hope that today I will feel better and it did. I was worried that I’ll have those horrible asthmatic attacks. As I open my eyes today, I thank God for the sunshine and good health. =)