Midnight Madness

A few days ago, shopcrazy announced that there will be a Midnight Madness Sale in Glorietta this June 1-3. I took advantage and sneaked out of the office during lunch break.  (hihihi)

I was able to buy B.boy increadibly great looking clothes 50% less than the original price at Big and Small. I love that shop because they have stylish clothes for children. Here’s a run down of what i bought:

1 T-Shirt which says : “Chick Magnet”  -197.50

1 Khaki Shorts – 212.50

1 Red and Blue Stripes Romper – 222.50

1 Polo – 222.50

Total time spent – 1 hour. Not bad! I’m very pleased.  :) B.boy is now ready for the Circuit Assembly on July.

Happy Week-end everyone!  :)