Five Favorite Things – Tagged by Amore

I’ve been tagged by Amore. Here it goes and it’s in random order.

  • Lotions. My favorite brands are Victoria Secret and Bath & Bodyworks. I can’t live without them. hehehe
  • Magazines.  If i am to choose between magazines and books, mags are the sure winner. Why? They are easier to finish. A mom like me don’t have the luxury of time for long reads. Besides i get irritated when i don’t finish what i started. Maybe when my son is a bit older i can read books more. For now i’m settling with magazines.
  • Cookbooks. I love to cook and i hope to have more time to devote for it.
  • Restaurants. M0rn1ng and i love to eat out eventhough our budget permits us to do it once a month. hehehe.
  • Ice Cream

There you have it! Now tell me what’s yours? I’m tagging Simone, Joy, Apols, Jacq, and Litzie.  Enjoy!  :)