Happy Friday

There are so many things to be happy about today. 

First, Monday is declared holiday so that means long week-end for us.  We don’t have concrete plans yet but we’re thinking of riding the MRT to go to Gateway.  If that would push through, it will be B.boy’s first MRT ride and our first to visit to the said mall. Yah, we haven’t been there.  We’re from the south and we rarely go north due to the travel inconveniences.  Besides there are a lot of nice malls nearby, Greenbelt, Glorietta, MOA to name a few.  So how about you?  Where are you spending the long week-end? Do tell us.  :)

Anyway, the second reason why i’m happy is because we now have a website of our own.  Amore has been so kind to help me have this up and running.  From registering my domain to finding a host and uploading themes.  I feel so blessed and i can’t thank her enough.  Thank you so much sis! You may not know it but you made my day.

Happy long week-end everyone!  :)