Back to Work

After the long week-end we are back to work.  So how was it?   Are you energized or still lethargic?  How did you spend the long week-end?

Well, our plans pushed through.  Pretty exciting as we experienced many firsts; the MRT ride with B.boy, visit to Gateway, and first movie as a family.  So how was it you may ask?  hehehe.  A bit tiring but it was so much fun.

MRT Ride

We ran into some problems in the MRT because we brought the stroller.  Ramps are few and we have to carry the bulky thing up and down the stairs and escalators.  We even forgot our umbrella in the train because we have a lot of ‘bit-bit’.  However, we soon realized the wisdom of it when B.boy decided to nap.  We can put him down and we did not have a hard time mall hopping as he rode the stroller most of the time.

Overall, we enjoyed the experience.  It’s like riding it again for the first time as we’re seeing it through the eyes of our child.  You should have seen his amazement and curios looks as we passed through tall buildings, billboards, and cars.  Here are some shots.


(Here’s the little one doing his signature pa-cute. Please ignore me…i looked so harassed.  :p  )


(Here he is with Daddy. Some guard reprimanded us for having photos at the platform. I did not know it’s not allowed.  Do you guys know why? )


The place is cool but not so baby friendly.  There are few ramps for strollers and there are no activity center for kids.  Please correct me if there is ha. We caught our fancy is the garden at the middle which has a koi pond.  Here’s the little one loooking at the fishes.


dsc00850.JPGWe had lunch at a place called Rasa Singapura.  The enticing line in their flyer is “we have the authentic Singapore cuisine in town”.  Well not the exact wording but something to that effect.  So we decided to give it a try.  We ordered their sampler for appetizer, gingered fish fillets, hainanese rice, coke and iced tea.  The roti that comes with the sampler is delish but the spicy squid and kangkong is too spicy for my liking.  The satay is so-so.  Now, the gingered fish fillets and the iced tea are the sure winner for us.  Their iced tea has dragon fruit seeds by the way.  :)

Overall, food and service is okay.  I would be glad if the servings are more generous though.  A decent meal for that like the one that we had would cost you around 600-700 bucks.

After lunch, B.boy snoozed so we hang out at CBTL at the cinema level.  We can’t decide if we’re going to watch Shrek 3 or not.  What helped us decide is the cost.  160 bucks and we have to pay for B.boy’s  tickets too.  Not worth it especially the little one is sleeping at that time.  So we just hang out at the coffee shop until B.boy woke up.  We just love their white chocolate dream. IMHO, CBTL is better than Starbucks.

B.boy napped for about 2 hours.  When he woke up he was pointing at the Shrek 3 poster.  We figured out that he wanted to watch a movie, then M0rn1ng remembered that we have these 2 free movie tickets which are valid to Ayala Cinemas.  So off we go to Glorietta. Too, bad it wasn’t shown there anymore and we have to go to Greenbelt 3.  Coming from the Ayala MRT station, that was quite a long walk but we enjoyed it nonetheless.

Shrek 3

This is B.boy’s first movie.  It was great that they allowed him in. However, we were told that we must bring him out if he cries so as not to disturb other moviegoers.  He stayed put for the first 30 minutes.  Saying  “miming” whenever he sees puss in boots  and “baaa baaa” for donkey.  hahaha!  I think they have a short attention span because after that he wants to go out and play hide and seek. 

So we went to the alley and let him play while i watch the rest of the movie.  It’s so great to finally be able watch a movie again.  The last one we had was Casino Royale and that was like ages ago.  :)   Shrek is an entertaining movie.  Hilarous and M0rn1ng and I were laughing at most parts.

I leave you with B.boy’s picture at Greenbelt.  I hope you had a great week-end too.  :)

 dsc00863.JPG   dsc00866.JPG

(B.boy’s outfit are from the Midnight Midness Sale. Click the link for more info.)