A Bike for M0rn1ng

I’m planning to buy M0rn1ng a new bike.  :)   He needs it so that he can go to his shop easily and save on transpo expenses.  It will be a good exercise too. 

I’ve given him a bike as a gift last year but sad to say it was stolen.  :(   You may read the full account here.  It was really disappointing as it’s a bit costly and it was barely used.  Oh well, it was good that it was the only item stolen and we were unharmed. 

I was browsing the web and chanced upon these cruiser bikes.  It looks like a perfect replacement as they are not expensive so we will not worry if we left it in our garage without locks.  These are also for fun and leisure riding.  I’m sure M0rn1ng will love it.

B.boy’s Latest Tricks

M0rn1ng:  Ano ang sabi ng cat?
B.boy:  Miiiiiiing  miiiing

M0rn1ng: Ano sabi ng dog?
B.boy: bow aw aw

M0rn1ng: Ano ang sabi ng lizard
B.boy: *makes clicking sounds using his tongue*

M0rn1ng: Ano ang sabi ng lion?
B.boy: Raaaaaaar!

M0rn1ng: Ano ang sabi ng goat
B.boy: Meeeeeee Meeeeeee

Amazing! He knows a lot of animal sounds already.  We’re one proud parents.  :)


We are watching B.boy sleep last night and we are amazed on how fast he grows.  In just a matter of years he will be entering school already.  Wow!  We have to save up for that to ensure that he gets quality education.

I remember my childhood days when my mom used to help us on our schoolwork.  She reviews us for exams and i think her diligence paid off because my siblings and i are always on the top 3 in the school academic ranking.  I’d like to be able to do the same for B.boy too but i have apprehensions as i’m working full-time.  It’s good that there’s a thing called Innovative Tutor to lend a hand to busy parents.  But i believe that parents should still be involved in their children’s learning no matter how occupied they are.  We can work hand in hand with the tutors and teachers to boost optimal learning.

Oh i hope we can do that for B.boy. Afterall, we all want the best for our children.


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