They say that work is best when you’re having fun doing it. I’ve always dreamed of writing reviews and was so glad i got to know companies advertise on blogs. Now, i can do what i love and earn added income on the side. Their website is pretty good for it has clear instructions on how to go about the whole thing.

I’ve signed up last week and was approved 3 days ago. In just that short while i’ve already earned $21.  I know it is still small but the opportunities are endless. And i’m certain that in just a few more weeks the earnings will trickle in.  :)   And what i’m going to do with it? Well, it could add to our mutual fund investment or maybe fund our next family trip.

I also got to know new friends at the forum who has been so helpful to a newbie like me. This is really a good find! I’m so excited as this will help readers find new information and for me to improve my writing skills. :)

I heart PPP.


I was about to leave home from work today when yaya told me that she has done something wrong.  I asked her what and she hesitantly told me that she lost the 2 valves of my breastpumps last night.  I blew my cool as i’m hurrying for work and those pumps won’t work without the valves.  What irritated us the most is that M0rn1ng and i told her before to be cautious when cleaning the parts as those valves are easy to lose.  We explained that i will not be able to report for work if my pumps are not working.  We also told her that those little parts are costly,  300 bucks each.  Now she lost 2 so that’s 600 bucks down the drain.  :(   We also told her that those parts are not readily available.  For one, the Avent Center is at far-away Sta Mesa and sometimes they don’t have the stocks available.  Imagine going through all the hassle just because of the missing parts?

I’m so irritated when i heard that she lost it.  What irked me more is that she told me when i’m about to go hurrying to the office.  She should have told me earlier.  Kainis talaga!

Good thing i have kept the old valves (these were a bit worn out already). I’m not sure if they still work but i have no choice.  :(