Could he be Teething?

He didn’t sleep well last night.  All he did was toss and turn.  What bothered me most is the low grade fever and colds that he has.

He was grumpy this morning too.  He just wants M0rn1ng and i to take care of him.  Our patience nearly ran out because i had some panwich orders here in the office and M0rn1ng has to make them.  Then i’m rushing because my officemates ordered them for their breakfast. 

So, i played with him while M0rn1ng prepared the panwiches and the stuff needed in the shop.  M0rn1ng took over B.boy while i get ready for office.  Pabilisan na eh, it  just took me 15 mins.  I did not have breakfast because i was pressed for time.  It was great traffic isn’t bad and i was at the office at 9:15.  My officemates loved it and i got new orders for tomorrow.

Going back on B.boy, we noticed that his gums are swollen.  Could he be teething?  His molars are next in line to arrive.  I’ve heard horror stories from my bestfriend that his son had a difficult time when his 4 molars came in at the same time.  He cries in pain, has fever and had a hard time eating.

I hope B.boy won’t have a difficult time.  Any tips on how to deal with the teething discomfort?

All about Numbers

A lot of you might not know that i am a Statistician.  But whoa, before you think i’m a Math whiz let me tell you this, i’m not.  hahaha!  Well, i used to think that i am during elementary and high school days.  I even won on Math Contests. I like numbers because you don’t have to memorize a lot of stuff if you understand the concept and analyze things then you can ace any exam.

However, everything changed when i entered college.  I nearly flunked my first Calculus subject.  I cried really hard after that first exam.  It was a very humiliating experience but i learned to study and really prepare for exams.  What helped me a lot are the nice friends i had in our org.  They tutored me for free and everything was a breeze afterwards.

I’m sure a lot of kids today are overwhelmed by numbers too.  It is important that they are not scared of numbers from the very beginning as it will hinder their learning.  They should view math as fun.  It is good that there is SCORE that provides Math Tutors. This is a great help for parents and kids who are having difficulties in Math. Their aim is to help children ages 4 to 14 make significant academic progress through innovative tutoring environment.