Friendship Flower

Jody gave me this. :) Thank you so much. It feels so good to have a friend online.


“And lovely are the blossoms
That are tended with great care,
By those who work unselfishly
To make the place more fair.
And, like the garden blossoms,
Friendship’s flower grows more sweet
When watched and tended carefully
By those we know and meet.
And, if the seed of friendship
Is planted deep and true
And watched with understanding,
Friendship’s flower will bloom for you.”

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Questions of the Week #40

Join us here.

1. What measures have you taken to cut back expenses?
Cutting non essentials. Spend when only needed. Have a budget and stick with it.

2. Have you ever bought a book and used the receipt as a bookmark?
No. I hate receipts. So I usually throw them away.

3. Can you recall any traumatic, embarrassing or troubling events as a child that you still remember vividly? If so, care to share?
I think was only 6 or 7 years old that time and I ate too much seashells. As a result, i got a terrible stomach ache that I passed out due to the pain. It has been so traumatic that I refused to each sea shells since then.

4. What is the strangest question you have ever been asked at a job interview?
Are you taking any diet pills like Phentermine? (strange that someone will ask that huh)

5. Does it make you uncomfortable if a woman is breastfeeding her baby in public?
No. It’s just normal.

6. Do you know anyone who has an unpredictable temper? Who?

7. What did you have to learn “the hard way”?
Preparing early and going by the rules even on small things. I nearly missed graduating on time because of this.

8. Have you ever been dishonest about the origin of a bruise?

9. Have you ever gotten any kind of envelope in the mail without the senders return address? Did you found out who it was from?
No, not yet

10. It’s our 40th QOTW. I am giving away something. Can you tell me why should I give it to you? It’s just a little something to spice up this little Meme!
Oh! This is my real opportunity. You see I have never won in a random contest of any sort. I’ve tried a million times but my name wouldn’t be picked eventhough i dropped in so many entries. I guess the chances for me if it’s a random draw was so slim. So if I win a contest by this entry because I was picked, it will totally make my year as at least I won in a contest that I joined. Pls pls pls pls pls make me win this time. :)

Crying His Heart Out

He looks like he’s been maltreated. Hahaha! I took this last night as he’s been having those crying bouts. He’s been a cry baby lately so I took a picture of him and showed him how horrible he looks when he cries.


The effect? Look below. This is how he is after a minute of showing him his picture and explaining that crying makes him look bad.


Effective! :) (I may need to delete this when he grows up. He might kill me for posting his crying moments. hahaha! )

Feeding the Animals


Mom, I’m feeding these animals until they get their fill. :)

This was taken at the Philippine Eagle Center, Davao. He saw some popcorn and asked my mom to buy him some. We were at the counter when he disappeared. We searched for him and we found him sharing his popcorn with these plastic animals. :) Looks like some of them had enough and would be needing Lipovox to shed those unwanted pounds.

Good work little boy! :)

A-Z Tag

Tagged by Mommy Jen. :)

A. Attached or single ? — Happily Attached
B. Best friend? — M0rn1ng, my sisters, Shirley and Amore.
C. Cake or pie? — Cake
D. Day of choice? — Friday, Saturday and Sunday
E. Essential item? — Internet. hahaha!
F. Favorite color? — Orange
G. Gummy bears or worms? — Gummy worms
H. Hometown? — Ilocos
I. Favorite indulgence? — spa and massage
J. January or July? — January. I hate rainy weather so July is out.
K. Kids? — 1 little boy
L. Life isn’t complete without? — God, family and friends
M. Marriage date ? — May 23, 2005
N. Number of magazine subscriptions? – None
O. Orange or apple? — Orange
P. Phobias? — i don’t i have any. :)
Q. Quotes? — Life is what happens to you, While you’re busy making other plans. -John Lennon
R. Reasons to smile? — God’s blessings. :)
S. Season of choice? — Summer. It’s the perfect time to hit my perfect place > THE BEACH!!!
T. Tag 5 people – Kelly, Issa, Chris, Amore, and Joy.
U. Unknown fact about me? – It’s a secret. hahaha!
V. Vegetable? — Grren leafy ones. :)
W. Worst habit? — I nag sometimes. :(
X. X-ray or ultrasound? – Ultrasound, it’s more exciting to see a baby moving.
Y. Your favorite food(s)? – Ice Cream, Chocolates, Kare-Kare…to name a few.
Z. Zodiac sign — I don’t believe in such.

I Love my Ice Cream


Here’s our little boy obviously enjoying his ice cream. This was taken last month as Paradise Island, Davao City. Ice cream is just perfect to combat the heat that day.

We noticed that our little boy really enjoys vacation. He was never a spoil sport when we are on out of town trips rather he’s always on a good mood. I dream of having those Disney vacations with them. I’m sure he will enjoy and wouldn’t forget the happiest place on earth. However, Orlando is a long shot. I hope we can make it to Hong Kong at the very least.

Let’s see. Who knows, maybe we can visit Disneyland next year. :)

It Came Back!

My period that is.
The date is November 4.

After three years and four months of no menstruation, it finally came back. I wasn’t really thrilled because I missed it. It’s just that I thought there is something wrong with me. After B.boy turned one I was wondering why it hasn’t returned yet. Some of the breastfeeding moms told me that it is quite normal for some women not to menstruate at all while breastfeeding so I wasn’t that alarmed. But when B.boy turned two and it hasn’t returned for three years already, I began to wonder. I had several trips to different OBs and one told me that I might have tumors in my ovaries. That was when I began to worry as she even suggested that I have transvaginal ultrasound to find out if there is something wrong.

I decided to see a different OB and she told me that I have to stop taking Cerazette as it might be the cause. She said that Cerazette makes some woman not to bleed at all. She suggested that I stop taking it as I’ve been on it for more than two years already. I thought it was a good idea but I was hesitant as we might have another baby without me taking the pill.

I told M0rn1ng and we decided to stop the pill and wean B.boy as well. It worked! After a month, I bleed again. I’m just happy that there is nothing wrong with me after all.


Everybody is waiting for Manny Pacquiao’s match with Oscar dela Hoya. I bet most of the Filipino wealthy supporters of Manny will be flying off to US and will be staying at las vegas suites just to watch the live match.

Most people think that this is a mismatch and Manny is just doing this because of money. Do you agree? I don’t have much to say as I was never a boxing fan.

Questions of the Week #39

1. Who brings out the BEST in you?
:: The boys (my husband and son)

2. What makes you laugh?
:: Great jokes.

3. What makes you cry?
:: Irritating situations.

4. Would you help this damsel in distress?
+ You notice a woman with a stroller struggling to get to the top of a broken escalator.
You’re late for a meeting with an important, and impatient, person.
:: No, sorry but I am hurrying. Other people will be in a better position to help.

5. Do you need some form of retribution and vindication before you forgive?
:: Not really…depends on how grave the offense is.

6. Do you think you are mentally prepared to win a jackpot in a lotto?
:: No. I’m against lotteries.

7. Do you think the kinds of movies a person enjoys are an indicator of what type of person they are?
:: It could be.

8. How do you do anything?
:: I do things effectively when I have a list. I love doing everything in there and crossing each one when I am done.

9. Does music affect your personality?
:: Not really. My mood affects what music i listen to in a particular day.

10. What can you say to brighten someone’s day?
:: Hey! You’re looking good. :)

Join us here.

Hosting Tips

People are asking me about setting their own website. Three years ago, all these are new to me and I was contented blogging using the free blogger then later on WordPress. I often wonder how people can set up their very own domain and have their own niche in the blogosphere. I found the answers to my questions when I met Amore. I can still recall how happy I was when she volunteered to help me create my first and very own domain. It is way way way better than blogspot and free wordpress as I can do a lot of things that includes earning money on the side.

Does that interest you? If yes, then the first thing you should do is find a good and reliable webhosting company. There are a lot of good resources in the web and I recommend looking at It ranks the webhosts out there according to features and consumer reviews. It also has a lot of good articles on how one can find a good host and information about hosting services. These would be helpful in making the right decision and establishing your own a site successfully.

I’m glad Amore and I chose a good host. We never really got downtimes and service is superb.

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