Favorite Things by B.boy

Snagged this from Alpha. But I’m answering as if I am my little boy. These are his favorite things. :)

1. Time of the Day: Night time. This is the time that I get to spend time with daddy and mommy. We are a complete family.

2. Food: I love fish & chicken. I like sinigang, nilaga, and North Park’s Congee.

3. Holiday: This is not really a holiday but we have our assemblies and conventions. I love those times because we go to our hall and see our friends.

4. Season: Summer. I can play outside. :)

5. Movie: Sound of Music. I watch this almost everyday.

6. Pet: I don’t have one at the moment but I would love to have an elephant. However, mommy said that it is too big for me.

7. Color: Yellow & Green

8. Book: My Book of Bible Stories.

9. Song: Song #4 Paraiso, We Thank You Jehovah, Do-Re-Mi, Favorite Things.

10. Fast Food Chain: Chow King.

It was fun doing this. Off to research one of those tv stands.

I’m Glad It’s Thursday!

Because this is the the last day of the working week. Tomorrow is Labor Day. I get to stay at home and spend time with THE BOYS. I miss them these past few weeks as I am always busy. When I come home, I’m no longer in my elements. I’m too tired to do anything. I can still do cuddling or book reading but I don’t have the energy to do active play like horsey hosey. I’m too tired to be a horse for little boy.

I hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow so it will be more manageable to share in the house to house ministry. We’re also planning to bring little bot to the park. We are bringing along his bike. We are sure he would have a grand time. :) If it rains, then probably we’ll just go to MOA. We are also doing grocery shopping and window shopping for our anniversary gifts. 24 more days to go. M0rn1ng would like a Levi’s pants, Florsheim shoes or a Bag. I will be looking at his preference. :) I’m so excited!!!

April is the BUSIEST Month

So far…. We’re moving fullblast with our team expansion plans. We will

1. Hire almost thrice the current team size.
2. Handle triple of the current production volumes.
3. Migrate and transition work from another offshore office. We’re doing this virtually.

There are just too many things to take care. Hiring, procurement of systems and equipment that we will be using. Just the mere thought wears me BIG time. Good thing that the big bosses planned it and worked on subdividing it to phases. So at the moment, I just focus on each phase at a time and try to do everything according to the proposed timelines. I know we can do it although i feel that it is both daunting and overwhelming.

There are those systems and equipments that I am not familiar of…things like KVM switches, splitters and the like. Good thing that the head of our IT is in full support. I hope we will be able to pull this through. :)

Our Little Boy’s Fave Commercial

at the moment, that is! :) Have you seen it?

The “bulilit” boy is so good at conveying how it is to live in small spaces in a very exaggerated way. B.boy is singing this song in his own version. “Bulilit Bulilit, ang TABA TABA”. How he came up with that? Don’t ask me. He’s really very good at blurting out witty lines these days.

Random Questions #26

Snagged this from Alpha.  Thanks!  :)

1. What are you looking forward to in the next next month? Our beach vacation in Puerto Galera. Hope it doesn’t rain.

2. Where’s the last place you went besides home? Office at Makati.

3. Would you ever change for a boy/girl? Nope. I love being a girl.

4. Is there anyone that you wish was out of your life? Have a meaningful and well lived life.

5. Were you happy when you woke up today? Almost.

6. Happiest moment of 2009 so far? I got approved for the training in HK. I hope to have more of these moments.

7. Have you ever asked a boy for advice? Yes, i always ask the HUSBAND.

8. Do you have a gay friend? No.

9. Do you lie about your age? No. I’m quite open. It’s just a number anyway.

10. Describe your life for the past month in one word? Super busy!

Speaking of busy, I should not list down the things that I have to do. Even the litttlest things such as looking for an affordable lingerie. Lest I end up neglecting those. Happy Wednesday folks! :)

Summer Ended Early

What a bummer! :( We haven’t had our summer outing yet. We pushed it back because we wanted to pioneer first and coincide it with our 4th wedding anniversary celebration. I hope we will still be blessed with a sunny weather in the next 3 weeks. This will alloow us to enjoy our puerto galera vacation.

In any case, we will just make it up with our HK trip on August. We already booked the flight and we are in the process of looking for hotels. The plan is to spend 5 days and 4 nights. We will be going to HK, Macau and Disneyland. As such we are in a lookout for a hotel reservation promo. There are a lot of promos going on and we wanted to get the best deal for our money. Wish us all the best on these vacations. I badly need one to destress.

City Lights

After the recognition rites, we headed to Antipolo for our small family celebration. We went to Cloud 9 as it has the best view of the city.


We ordered kare-kare, sisig, crispy pusit and sinigang na hipon. It was so relaxing to eat while looking at the spectacular view. We were stuffed to the full that night. I know I shouldn’t be eating so much at dinner but it can’t be helped. I’ve been gaining weight for the past few months. Maybe my metabolism has begun to slow down. I better watch what i eat, lest i would be needing diet pills soon.

After our dinner we passed by Eastwood, Libis. We wanted to go down and stroll but it was raining so we were content to look at the view inside the car as we pass by. :)


Walking Down Memory Lane


Mr. Oble in all his glory….draped in nothing but Sablay.


Abelardo Hall where we had our college graduation 9 years ago.


University Theater where my other sister has hers 5 years back.  :)


We missed UP.  Our little boy even loved the place.  He even exclaimed that it looks like a paradise.  hahaha!

Another Holiday Coming Up

It will soon be May 1. Another long weekend is coming up. I’m thinking of organizing our closets and stuffs and sell all these through a garage sale. It was a hit when we last had a sale infront of our house. We got rid of our things that we’re not using anymore. That means bigger space and at the same time we earned 4K with all those. I’ve read in one magazine that we should get rid of all stuff that we haven’t used for 6 months as this would just be clutter in your house. That is our aim. We are conducting garage sales twice a year and we do it on one of the holidays.

I think these preowned items can also be a good business. We have a lot of ukay-ukay shops here and it’s earning money. In the US, surplus shops are also making it big. It pays to be thrifty and prudent at this time of global financial crisis.

Congratulations Sissy


Our bunso has graduated from the university last Saturday. We were all beaming with happiness and pride. Finally, our parents were done with their financial obligations to us. She already got a job a few weeks back and we wish her all the best in her chosen path.

It’s good to be back to our Alma Matter again. It’s been 5 years since my other sister graduated and I haven’t been back since then. The college of home economics which our bunso is a part of had a memorable and heartfelt graduation rites. I find tears rolling down my cheeks as the class valedictorian had her speech. It feels good to know that UP has given so much chances for people from humble beginnings. With world class education, they can uplift their own and their family’s lives.

We will be forever grateful to be Iskolar ng Bayan. I hope in our small ways we can pay it forward. :) Congratulations to all the graduates. Mabuhay ka Iskolar ng Bayan!!!! :)

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