Free Pizza

Enjoying Free pizza at CPK. Biboy just couldn’t wait to have his mouth full on to this delicious pepperoni pizza treat from BDO.

Music Speakers

Last month, Morning bought an X-mini capsule speaker at Digital Walker in Park Square 2. It is a very small speaker pod but the sound is clear and loud. He uses it with his iPhone and laptop. However, the speaker has wires. There are many wireless speakers that are available online at low prices. These kind of speakers are best when listening to music through your mp3 player of computers. With wireless and bluetooth speakers, you can listen to your favorite songs anywhere.

House Maintenance

Everyone wants to live in a clean and uncontaminated surroundings. But with the increase of garbage and refuse in cities, it is ever more difficult to keep our environment clean and orderly especially our home. Whether you live in a mansion or a very humble home, a cleaning and maintenance program for the outside is needed. Some families have decided that once a day or every week, as necessary, they will sweep and clean up areas around the outside of their house, including the sidewalk and even the street in front of their house. Members of the families also clean their bedrooms. If the house is made up of quick step floors, it will be much easier to clean and maintain it. This type of flooring has a locking system that helps prevent againist water damage and defends itself against wear and tear.

Baguio City Trip

Arrived in Baguio City at around 1pm, Had our lunch at Cathy’s restaurant near Session Road. Then bought some stuffs at Mile Hi Center in Camp John Hay.  It was raining hard for two days.  This is what Biboy’s space at the back of Peep looks like…

Travel Jobs

Thousands of young people cannot even find their first job whether they have a college degree or not. If you are looking for a job, an adjustment in mental attitude toward employment may be what is needed. Do not hesitate to go into another field of work, even though it is considered menial by the standards of some people. If you are looking for a job, perhaps some form of cleaning service can provide you with sufficient income. Others have tried Travel Jobs and have become travel reservation agents. Never lose hope. There are jobs waiting for you.