Eternity Rings

Our 7th wedding anniversary is just around the corner. Many couples give their significant others expensive gifts like eternity bands to show their love for each other.  An eternity band is meant to be a symbol of everlasting love.  It is considered by many people to be a beautiful way for a person to show how much someone else means to him.  But we won’t be exchanging those rings this time.  We’ll spending our anniversary in Subic with Biboy and have fun with nature.  We hope that this time we’ll be able to cherish the moment and continue to pledge our love for each other.

Kid’s Party

Biboy was invited by his school mate to kids party last January 6. There were around 40 kids who attended and they all were very happy eating and playing Bible games. All the kids were sons and daughters of Witnesses and it is really more fun with our brothers.

Music Lessons

Biboy loves music just like his daddy. He sings well during our church meetings and he even knows daddy’s favorite 80′s songs. Last year, he received a nylon string guitar from his Lolo. His daddy promised him that he’ll teach him how to play it in summer. Last week, we went inside a music store in Park Square Makati and Biboy saw Sabian Cymbals for sale. We told him that after his guitar lessons he can learn how play those cymbals if he likes too.  I just hope that our young child will have enought time to learn those musical instruments.

Mere Exercise?

Having a slim and healthy body is very much on people’s minds today. This has caused many to turn to gymnasiums and health clubs for help. For the same reason, thousands of people have turned to the art of yoga. Yoga has become very popular among people in many walks of life. Practicers carry with them yoga bags that includes their equipment and they recommend it highly. They may tell you that it keeps them in good physical condition, cures illnesses or relieves hypertension. However, Christians like me, recognize yoga beyond mere exercise. The objective of yoga as a discipline is to lead a person to being merged with a superhuman spirit. Yoga involves stopping spontaneous thinking.

I Love You

I heart you..daddy!

Men’s Accessories

Some men are fond of bracelets, necklaces and pendants.  They buy these accessories for themselves while others are being given to them as gifts from their significant other.  Daddy doesn’t like bracelets nor pendants.  He only wears our wedding ring and the watch that I gave him before we got married.  I just wonder if he would be surprised if I purchase one of the  stainless steel necklaces sold online and give it to him as a present on our 7th wedding anniversary in May.

Online Shopper

I love to shop. They say that the art of shopping has never been more important than in these days of high prices and inflation. In many countries, prices have hit alarming highs. Today both parents have to work just to make ends meet. So it is important for you to know how, where, and when to shop and how to spend your money in the most prudent way. Consumers who shop online look for discounts or season sale. Others buy a product that offers free shipping code to your local store for pick up or directly to your home address. Well that’s a great bargain for you.