28. April 2009

Congratulations Sissy


Our bunso has graduated from the university last Saturday. We were all beaming with happiness and pride. Finally, our parents were done with their financial obligations to us. She already got a job a few weeks back and we wish her all the best in her chosen path.

It’s good to be back to our Alma Matter again. It’s been 5 years since my other sister graduated and I haven’t been back since then. The college of home economics which our bunso is a part of had a memorable and heartfelt graduation rites. I find tears rolling down my cheeks as the class valedictorian had her speech. It feels good to know that UP has given so much chances for people from humble beginnings. With world class education, they can uplift their own and their family’s lives.

We will be forever grateful to be Iskolar ng Bayan. I hope in our small ways we can pay it forward. :) Congratulations to all the graduates. Mabuhay ka Iskolar ng Bayan!!!! :)

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