28. April 2009

Another Holiday Coming Up

It will soon be May 1. Another long weekend is coming up. I’m thinking of organizing our closets and stuffs and sell all these through a garage sale. It was a hit when we last had a sale infront of our house. We got rid of our things that we’re not using anymore. That means bigger space and at the same time we earned 4K with all those. I’ve read in one magazine that we should get rid of all stuff that we haven’t used for 6 months as this would just be clutter in your house. That is our aim. We are conducting garage sales twice a year and we do it on one of the holidays.

I think these preowned items can also be a good business. We have a lot of ukay-ukay shops here and it’s earning money. In the US, surplus shops are also making it big. It pays to be thrifty and prudent at this time of global financial crisis.

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