30. April 2009

April is the BUSIEST Month

So far…. We’re moving fullblast with our team expansion plans. We will

1. Hire almost thrice the current team size.
2. Handle triple of the current production volumes.
3. Migrate and transition work from another offshore office. We’re doing this virtually.

There are just too many things to take care. Hiring, procurement of systems and equipment that we will be using. Just the mere thought wears me BIG time. Good thing that the big bosses planned it and worked on subdividing it to phases. So at the moment, I just focus on each phase at a time and try to do everything according to the proposed timelines. I know we can do it although i feel that it is both daunting and overwhelming.

There are those systems and equipments that I am not familiar of…things like KVM switches, splitters and the like. Good thing that the head of our IT is in full support. I hope we will be able to pull this through. :)

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