30. April 2009

I’m Glad It’s Thursday!

Because this is the the last day of the working week. Tomorrow is Labor Day. I get to stay at home and spend time with THE BOYS. I miss them these past few weeks as I am always busy. When I come home, I’m no longer in my elements. I’m too tired to do anything. I can still do cuddling or book reading but I don’t have the energy to do active play like horsey hosey. I’m too tired to be a horse for little boy.

I hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow so it will be more manageable to share in the house to house ministry. We’re also planning to bring little bot to the park. We are bringing along his bike. We are sure he would have a grand time. :) If it rains, then probably we’ll just go to MOA. We are also doing grocery shopping and window shopping for our anniversary gifts. 24 more days to go. M0rn1ng would like a Levi’s pants, Florsheim shoes or a Bag. I will be looking at his preference. :) I’m so excited!!!

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