30. April 2009

Favorite Things by B.boy

Snagged this from Alpha. But I’m answering as if I am my little boy. These are his favorite things. :)

1. Time of the Day: Night time. This is the time that I get to spend time with daddy and mommy. We are a complete family.

2. Food: I love fish & chicken. I like sinigang, nilaga, and North Park’s Congee.

3. Holiday: This is not really a holiday but we have our assemblies and conventions. I love those times because we go to our hall and see our friends.

4. Season: Summer. I can play outside. :)

5. Movie: Sound of Music. I watch this almost everyday.

6. Pet: I don’t have one at the moment but I would love to have an elephant. However, mommy said that it is too big for me.

7. Color: Yellow & Green

8. Book: My Book of Bible Stories.

9. Song: Song #4 Paraiso, We Thank You Jehovah, Do-Re-Mi, Favorite Things.

10. Fast Food Chain: Chow King.

It was fun doing this. Off to research one of those tv stands.

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