26. June 2007

Dream Destinations

I love to travel.  Seeing new places, discovering other cultures and eating new food thrills me.  Maybe because we lived in a lot of different places during our growing up years.  We’ve lived in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for 3 years and my dad took us to other countries for vacation.  One unforgettable family trip is when we went to Cyprus.  We stayed there for a week and we marveled at their culture, arts and of course food.  We stayed at Limassol and got to tour the other parts of the island too.  Troodos mountains has a lot of vineyards and wine-presses.  We were also amazed at the mosaics that reflect the Byzantine period.  It was one vacation that we won’t forget.

I would love to have B.boy experience that too.  I hope we can travel locally or internationally at least once a year.  Our dream destinations are : Hongkong, Singapore, Europe, Egypt and Hawaii.

If we have funds, we would love to have a vacation in Maui.  It’s a wonderful place and it’s the closest thing to paradise in my opinion.  I’ve been searching the net and looking for options and i found this Maui vacation rentals and it looks promising.  It’s more economical than staying in a hotel which is good for a budget traveller like us.

I hope we will be able to save up so that we can visit our dream destinations one of these days.

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