27. June 2007


Better safe than sorry.  I’ve learned the truthfulness of that statement in a hard way.  We were working on one of our major papers in college and we are pressed for time.  Gladly after months of sleepless night, it’s nearly complete.  We throught we could now relax but we were so wrong.  My pc crashed and some of our files were not recovered anymore.  The dumbest thing we did is not have a backup of our important files.  Needless to say we were back to square one.  We completed it in time but it brought too much stress and pressure which could have been avioded if we have been careful.

From then on i realized the beauty of doing backup.  Today, many sites offer Online Storage and backup.  The best part is that user’s online data appears as a mapped drive or a folder on their computer.  This provides for easy drag and drop interface.  If i’m going to backup i’m definitely going to do online storage.

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