29. June 2007


I dream of having a business of my own and be able to manage my time and maybe do the work without leaving the confines of our home.  I have concrete ideas on what i want but we are just waiting for the right time.

So what kind of business would i want you may ask?  I would like to design clothes and sell them.  hehehe.  Surprising eh?  I may not look fashionable most of the times but that is because of budget constraints.  But if i have extra bucks and have plenty of time for shopping, i’ll look trendy too.  Then i dream of having my own site so my clothes can be bought online.  Right now, there are a lot of merchants who use Multiply to sell their goods.  But having your own site equipped with ecommerce software is way better because of the SEO benefits it provide.  You get to be on top of search results in major search engines and that is premium advertising.  There are a lot of hosted shopping cart software  that offers a complete solution for mercants to sell online.  That kind of service is the one i would like to have when the right time comes.

Right now i could only dream but time will come.  :)

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1. Charlene April commented on July 13, 2007 at 9:00 pm

yan din ang trip namin ni ate vivz na business ü sariling clothing line!

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