I Love Gifts

We had our 7th wedding anniversary last week and we all had fun. Daddy reserved buffet lunch at Vikings Buffet Restaurant in Mall of Asia and we ate ‘til we dropped. Haha. I had sushi, tempura, steaks, and a little bit of everything.  Biboy ate his favorite dimsum.  It was our second time to dine in Vikings and am pretty sure we’ll visit them again. I never had the time to buy Dad gifts online so I just bought him what he wanted. A Targus back cover for his new iPad and a Nike running shoes. Daddy gave his gift last Saturday when we went to Eastwood City. I was looking for a pair of shoes in Nine West when he suddenly left and got back and hand me five gift certificates for Nine West and other affiliated stores. I felt happy because he still remembers me some time. Just kidding. I love you daddy and I’m looking forward to another 7 years and 70 years and 7000 years….

Apple Fanatic

Daddy got his first tablet, an iPad ofcourse, a month ahead of its Philippine launch. It’s his third iDevice after his iPod in 2007, iPhone in 2010 and the iPad in 2012. An Apple fanatic indeed.  It was bought in Osaka, Japan by my sisters last May 5. He also got the Smart cover too. Daddy, can I borrow your iPad?

Logo Quiz Game

Daddy recently got his new iPad bought from Japan. My sisters went on a five day vacation in Osaka and Tokyo, so daddy seized the opportunity to purchase the third generation iPad. He is so excited and touching it every single day. He downloaded tons of free apps from iTunes and the one I like most is the Logo quiz game. You need to guess the brand name of the given logos and its really fun playing it. It is very addicting and I’m really hooked on it. There are logos from car manufacturers, multinational companies, computers, finance, game developers, clothing lines and even golf ball logos are included. I’m now on level 8 and hope finish it soon.

Aunt Janice

My sister in law Vivian gave birth to an 8 pounder baby boy last month. Congratulations to both of you. Now, I’m a first time aunt and daddy is now an uncle. We are all so excited about our nephew. His name is Nathan and now we’re planning to visit him in the States hopefully next year. Nathan is actually their first baby after 7 years of marriage. There are true stories that some men found out that they have a son after two decades. While some mommys learned that they didn’t have a daughter. That is because of the DNA testing available these days. Many are visiting paternity testing at Paternity-Answers.com to make sure if they are the real parents or not.

Biboy’s First Dance

This was Biboy’s first dance with Mommy during their Graduation Ball on March 28. Biboy gave me roses and led me to the dancing. Oh how sweet!

Telephone Manners

I’ve been working for one and the same company in the last twelve years. I started working in a helpesk department and I use the telephone most of the time. From time to time, we were taught on how to have excellent telephone manners. Telephone manners cover such areas as mental attitude, speech quality, and listening ability. Modern technology requires employees in an organization to converse not only by telephone but through teleconferencing or even video calls. In the US, ActConferencing.com teleconferencing delivers high quality telephone and web conference to many satisfied organizations worldwide. The companies’ online meetings will never be the same again.

Selling Tools

Our family will be leaving Manila on June 4, 2012. We will move to my home province in Ilocos Norte. Biboy will be in grade school and will be enrolling in one of the schools in Burgos town. Daddy and I will manage the family’s business in Ablan, 45 kilometers north of Laoag City. It will be a real challenge for us. We will be selling construction materials and hardware. Daddy is planning to market general international tools as well. We are hoping and praying that our God will bless our new endeavor.

Just The Way You Are

Andre with his shades ala Bruno Mars. Just the way you are.

Musical Instrument

Do you have a hobby that could become a full-time job? Perhaps you make toys for your children. In the Philippine city of Cebu, the production of toy guitars is not simply a hobby but a profitable business. The craftsmen work at home, producing toy guitars, ukuleles, bandurias and even very professional guitars that are sold at airports and music shops. Often at the end of the workday, the hills come alive with the music of thousands of stringed instruments, as family after family plays together. My sister who lives in California just bought Koll Guitars. For two decades now,  Koll Guitar Company has been producing quality musical instruments. If you are a guitar aficionado, Koll guitars are for you.

Lolo in California

Lolo and Lola left for the States last Sunday. They will be staying in Vivian’s house in LA. It will be Lolo’s first time to visit his two loving daughters in California. All of us are excited to see baby Nathan on the third week of April. He will be our first pamangkin and Biboy’s first and only cousin. We hope we could go visit them next year. Lolo is enjoying his stay in LA and has plans of selling real estate or life insurance. He started searching Wholesaleinsurance.net on the internet so he would have a background on the different life insurance companies there. I know Lolo will be a good insurance agent just like when he was here in the Philippines. See you all soon guys, we miss you.

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